Implementation Assistance



Key to any successful transformation, is an excellent implementation. When implementation teams do not have sufficient experience in running and implementing (large) change programs, an experienced partner or coach can then be invaluable to tackle challenges like the design of the implementation plan, the training of the people involved and the coaching on the ground of the implementation team. 


Through our extensive experience in a broad range of situations, we believe we can be that crucial partner and help you - the CEO, program leader and/or implementation team - deal with these challenges.




Depending on the degree of acceptance in the organisation and the strength of the existing implementation team, this assistance can last from 6 to 24 months. Our assitance can be divided in three main areas :


Design of the implementation plan

We would work closely together with you to tackle the typical program design challenges. These challenges concern the set up of the implementation team, the rollout strategy, the performance management, the communication strategy, the logistics , the skill building within management, etc ...


Training of the teams

We can help you to design and run all required training programs. In the process of designing and delivering the trainings, your people can be extensively coached to do this autonomously in the future.

Typical training programs would be: academies for the implementation team (specific methodologies, solutions, ...), programs for management (methodology, impact on their role, ...) and trainings for front-line staff (concrete tools, principles, ...) 


Coaching on the ground

Successful implementation is to a large extent dependent on how effective the implementation team can motivate, convince and coach the "receiving party". We can help you establish these skills within your implementation team at all levels  



The result of our assistance would be for you to have an autonomous, well structured and fully skilled implementation team with a solid governance system, able to successfully push forward the remainder of the rollout and able to reproduce the methodology for future change programs  



If you would like to have more information about this or would like to discuss how we could assist you in your implementation challenges, do not hesitate to contact us.


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