Diagnostic Scan



A diagnostic scan is an exercise that allows you to quickly get a first impression of the optimisation potential of the operations to be studied. In general these findings will allow you to decide whether a transformation or overhaul is advantageous or not. 




Depending on the size and the complexity of the process or department to be studied - 2 days to 2 weeks are required. We can do this effort by ourselves, but prefer that somebody of your team joins us. As this diagnostic could be the first step in a potentially significant change, it is important the findings are not just our 'inside-out' perspective but carried and supported by you from the start.




The result is typically a report which indicates where the most potential for optimisation is situated and gives a rough range estimate of what the impact of a transformation could be.



If you would like to have more information and/or would like to discuss how a diagnostic for your specific situation could be structured, please do not hesitate to contact us.






















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