Service Offer

CSI stands for Change Solutions and Implementation. We specialise in providing world class guidance to companies aiming to achieve operational improvements.


Change Solutions

We provide management support in setting up total change programs. This can cover all stages of the program set-up from diagnosis and solution design right through to the piloting (testing) stages.

We aim to touch all elements needed for successful change: Operating System (processes), Management System, employee Mindsets & Behaviors and Capability Building. Typical methodologies used include Lean, Six Sigma, zero based redesign, TPM ...


Change Implementation 

We assist the implementation and rollout of operational change programs in larger organisations. We design and execute these programs together with the client management and the client team.

The purpose is to install autonomous and continuous skill building and operational improvement capabilities.


Typical types of support

We realise that each company and each problem is different. Therefore our approach for assistance will be specifically tailored to each individual situation. However examples of typical types of support we can offer are:


  • Running a diagnostic scan: typically a 2 to 5 day effort focused on generating a first impression of the potential
  • Assisting a transformation pilot: typically a 4 week to 6 months effort focused on sizing the potential and designing and testing the solutions
  • Assisting implementation of a transformation: typically a  6 months to 2 years effort focused on rolling out the tested solutions


For the design of larger scale transformation programs we partner up with a Top Management Consultant Firm (name available upon request)



If you would like to have more information on how we can help you, please do not hesitate to contact us.









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